Thursday, May 5, 2011

Time for some non-fiction

I couldn't tell yo why, but there's a part of me that has always loved reading memoirs, biographies, and other types of non-fiction literature.  There's just something about other people's lives and struggles and triumphs that I find completely fascinating.  For this reason I decided to bring some non-fiction to this blog with Terry Galloway's memoir, Mean Little Deaf Queer.  I've seen and considered reading this book for quite some time now.  I really can't say why I never decided to before, but I'm glad that I've finally read it.

Galloway starts her story right when she first started going deaf, before she or her family even realized she was losing her hearing, at the age of nine. I found Galloway's writing to be very easy to read, yet I wouldn't necessarily consider her book a fast read.  I found myself feeling more "Oh I guess I should read some more" as opposed to "I must stop everything and read this amazing book!"  I found a lot of her stories to be interesting, yet a bit long winded.  By the time she got to the point of the story I had completely forgot where it was supposed to be going.

Something that really set this book apart from other books I've been reading for this blog is that Galloway writes primarily about being deaf and only secondarily about being queer. Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Galloway, perhaps unintentionally, showed a lot of parallels between being a Deaf person in a hearing world and being a queer person in a straight person's world.

Quick Facts
Pages: 248
Most quotable passage: I don't have one... again.  This time I was just lazy but I have little remorse seeing as how no one is reading this blog anyway.
Sexiness Factor (1-10): 5- She tells many tales of sexual exploits but includes very little detail
Buy It or Borrow It: Borrow it.

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