Monday, April 18, 2011

Gahh I couldn't do it.

Apparently I'm accepting a fail at my own challenge to read every lesbian book ever written because I found one that I couldn't finish.  I got through 30 pages of Djuna Barnes' 161 page novel, Nightwood, and I had to stop reading.  I feel kind of bad about it because it makes me feel very unintellectual that I couldn't get through it.  But after 30 pages there were no women, much less lesbians to be found,only a fake Baron named Guido and his grown son, Felix.  I was falling asleep.  I'm of the state of mind that there are way too many good books in the world that I want to read, lesbian and otherwise, for me to waste my time reading something I'm hating.  So I sent it right back to the library unfinished.

On the plus side- Barnes is kind of sexy, no?

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